Nearby Attractions

Café on Hawk Creek


The Cafe on Hawk Creek has amazing food that you won't want to miss.  Located in "downtown" Neskowin near the market (it's a very small town - you won't miss it).  The best wood-fired pizzas for miles.  It can get busy, so plan accordingly.  


Check out their menu here:




Cascade Head - Hiking Trail

Cascade Head is a truly spectacular hike, the trailhead of which is a 15 minute drive from the house. Go on a clear day and you will be able to see for miles.

There are trailheads - a lower Natural Conservancy trailhead that's open all year and two Forest Service trailheads that close from January to mid-July to protect wildlife.


The lower Nature Conservancy Trail is a moderate 4.2-mile hike, gaining 1200 feet of elevation. The upper trail to Cascade Head is an easy 1-mile hike that gains 160 feet, and the trip to Harts Cove is a moderate 5.4-mile hike that loses 900 feet of elevation.

Neskowin Beach Golf Course


The Neskowin Beach Golf Course, originally opened in 1932, is one of the oldest on the Oregon Coast. It's a fun little family course that was recently purchased by members of the community in order to save it.

Just make sure you visit during the dryer months - in the winter it fills with water and becomes a lovely lake.  But in early summer, the water dries up and it's ready to be played once again.

Whale Watching


For whale watching we highly recommend Carrie Newell through Whale Research Eco Excursions in Depoe Bay. Carrie is a Marine Biology Professor and Grey Whale researcher. She loves sharing the whales with visitors and it shows. She will give an educational talk at the beginning of the tour and teach you how to identify individual whales.

Tours run all year, but the best times are June - September, when the summer resident grey whales come home to feast.

Drift Creek Falls

Drift Creek Falls is a fairly easy hike (about 1.5 miles) that rewards you with a gorgeous waterfall and suspension bridge.  The trailhead (#1378) is just slightly inland from Lincoln City. 

The trail to the falls is mostly downhill.  Don’t stop when you get to the creek at the bottom, like a lot of people do.  Keep going (the trail climbs back up a bit) and soon you’ll hear the roar of the nearby falls. Suddenly you’ll find yourself at the edge of a 240-foot suspension bridge.  Walk across this bridge (suspended 75 feet above the canyon below) for a spectacular view of the falls. Once across, keep going down to the bottom for and snap some amazing photos of the falls and the bridge. Not to be missed!

Drift Creek Falls.jpg